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“Luck is preparation meeting opportunity.”

Oprah Winfrey

We seek to drive our mission of improving equality of opportunity through our education arm. Our HU network is being reorganised, ready to expand, as we enter the new academic year and some of the team have started as university undergraduates. On this page, we explain our recruitment expansion in 2023, and more importantly we will provide information for students from all backgrounds to create a level playing field and inform on what is to come on. 

On the Investment Team we will be offering strong practical fundamental investing experience. Recruits have the opportunity to analyse, evaluate and suggest investment ideas, whilst also being able to collaborate and network within the organisation and become a part of the HU Community. 

Our Advisory Board (being restructured and rebuilt) are able to mentor promising analysts throughout rigorous application cycles (internships/spring weeks).  High performing analysts may also have the opportunity to work with our sponsors for unique vacation time internships that provide invaluable experiences to only further accelerate their growth, that would have otherwise been inaccessible for them.

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Our Learning Materials

We will be releasing our learning materials in due course, enabling you to make a swift start along the steep learning curve that the Financial Services industry promises.

We strongly recommend that you sign up on our website to keep updated with our recruitment cycle and any new resources we publish.

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HU is going through an organisation restructure. Over the next few months we will look to recruit you, as we continue to expand. We require candidates to have an interest in finance, make a stock pitch, and give a presentation to us via zoom.


More details will be released about this process in early-mid 2023.

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Selected candidates will be invited for an interview to join our team.  We encourage that you apply to a specific sector team and show your interest around the industry.  Successful candidates are officially matriculated into the team by the end of May 2023.

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In-Depth Masterclasses

Once admitted, analysts will be given in-depth training targeted for high level performance and success within their respective sector teams.

Zoom sessions will continually run and we will intend to invite speakers from finance backgrounds to teach, inform, and bring awareness.

Each team will be composed of analysts and a sector-head and are expected to consistently be working on investment pitches to be put forward to the board of directors.

A second round of recruitment begins after round 1, with analysts joining the current teams.  Analysts are promoted to associate positions after 1 year on the team, and can apply to be sector heads, being interviewed by the board of directors. 

We are going through a process of restructuring our organisation restructure as we are rebuilding our team. In 2023, our updated learning and educational materials will be ready for sharing.

Illustrated here is a sneak peak into the topics expected to be covered in our resource pack.  This can also be found under the 'Learning Resources' subheading on the website.

Our learning materials will provide you with a coherent understanding of the financial systems that underlie our economy and its markets with a view to being able to use this in your analysis. Further, they will equip you with the foundations of accounting, enabling you to familiarise yourself with key terminology to understand more complex financial statements and analysis. Overall, we hope these materials provide you with the toolkit to approach complex investing decisions with a view to applying to be part of our investing team in the future. Beyond this, our resources will prepare you for success when recruiting further down the line in your career.

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